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DubLi Network Review – the Next eBay or the Next Online Scam?

In this review article we will be taking a look at the Dubli Auction Network created by Michael Hansen.

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The DubLi Network promises to provide an international business opportunity but without the risks. The system has been running in Europe for a while and has now been introduced to the US. DubLi is a global internet trade portal allowing you to trade across the world. Their associate scheme pays a commission based on referrals of customers and other associates..

Auction Formats

DubLi does not work as a traditional auction. Instead it uses a format which means that anyone who makes the lowest unique bid will win. This means that expensive items such as cars can often be purchased for very low prices. The unique thing about DubLi is that users buy their bids.

As an associate looking to refer new customers to DubLi, this is undeniably a unique selling point that has the potential to attract both buyers and sellers. However, it is also something that may put people off. After all, why should you want to pay just to see the price of the item, or make the bid go down?

Legitimate Money-making Opportunity?

The great thing about the program for US users is that it is just beginning, and is a great time to get in on the opportunity. However, this also means that you do not have any proven success on which to base your plans. You will effectively be going in without knowing how the product will fare.

The program has boasted great success in Germany, especially regarding the rule of the product spreading quickly by word of mouth, due to the fact that winners are eager to tell others of how they get reduced price high quality brands.

The truth is that you have to pay to sign up for the DubLi Network opportunity, and as which you have to be careful. And it doesn’t come cheap: the least expensive membership is 499 EURO. Each membership level entitles you to different sorts of commissions. However, you may want to ask yourself why you should pay someone to allow you to promote their service?

A little digging on the scheme will bring mixed results. There are many scathing reviews of the fact that you are expected to pay for the scheme, and reports of problems in the European model which can be hard to access due to the foreign language.

There are those who claim to make money through DubLi, and see it as the next biggest thing after services such as eBay. However, it seems as though Dubli Network is more concerned with its marketing scheme than the product itself, and while this is not necessarily a scam you must be sure to do your research before paying any money.

Until next time,

Charles & Susan Truett

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15 Comments on DubLi Network Review – the Next eBay or the Next Online Scam?

  1. Has anyone ever made money from dubli? How much? As I see it, no one really makes it from dubli unless they have a large customer base (not business associates), and the customers need to perpetually keep buying credits. Who does this? There is a lot of hype about how much one can make with dubli, retire in 2010, etc… But there has never yet been anyone reporting their success in figures of income and their residual income being actually made, not speculated to be made, but actually made, and on a monthly basis here in the USA. Any real “Joe” out there? Not one of the VP’s but a regular downliner. If there is anyone out there with this info, please post it somewhere so others can see it and thus help dubli show they are actually not a scheme or at least an overhyped internet business opportunity. Thanks!

  2. michelle deerfoot // July 20, 2009 at 1:44 pm // Reply

    I think that this site is run by Google…hmmm interesting. I went through the Dubli portal and not the big blue “e” to get on the web and purchased a new air flow system (kit) that would cost 150.00 to 300.00 in other stores on the web. I went to a store I buy from all the time and they had this kit for 113.49, there was free shipping and no tax, plus it will be delivered to my door. So what’s the big deal about using a different port to get on the web that I was gonna do anyway? I also made 3.41 in cash that will be sent to me in 45 days. Why the wait?…Just like MR. REBATES that I used to use, the wait is incase you return a product and all that paperwork can be avoided. I am helping out a friend in the Dubli business as well as telling another friend to use the portal that I mentioned before. if they buy something through the Dubli portal I get 4.00 to go play with on the auction side. So I still say what is the big deal? We’re all looking to save money now-a-days and I saved pollution by not driving and got 3.41 not to drive. PayPal..everyone was sceptical at first and it took years before stocks were offered to the public. Don’t know if Dubli will offer stocks. Really can’t see how they can. It looks to me that you buy your stocks (credits) and give them away. You might win a something for very little infusion of cash (credits) or you might not. Dubli would rather you just do what you’ve been doing and use their port to enter the web (WWW.) and shop as you usually do. They might come up with a PayPal or just shop at shops you know. Again, what’s the big deal. Hope y’all have fun whatever you choose. I’m pretty sure that Google and Amazon don’t like you not using their portals. Cheers, mdeerfoot

  3. Michelle I think that your run by Dubli. Dubli is not a scam to the users but it is for the investors. The higher you are up the more you make and the guys on the bottom get nothing. Dubli is not bigger then eBay and it never will. I have looked into this company and found out that it got rejected by the European stock market what a joke dude get a life.

  4. I paid to Dubli for about 200 credit points. I regret ever having spend my money on them. I tried to bidding on 3 items and at the end I lost all my credits (MONEY) and ended with nothing.
    Bottom line, DUBLI is a complex scam where the charge for the you to place a bid, and it some else, looking for the smallest unique bid, where in reality, i find hard to believe. Specially when I actually bid the same amount for the item.
    Keep your self and you money away from this company, I would rather spend my money in Ebay and /or Bidz, where I do not loose money by just only placing a bid.
    I am consumer, I have to tied to any company and I work to hard to make a living. Do not give your hard working money to this company. Better to wasted on yourself.
    And, YES, Dubli is a scam ………

  5. I have to say,

    1: Michelle you know in your heart, that was a little porky pie just come out of your mouth.

    2:Dillon, what you think does not matter, Show me a person in the States that likes Amway. NO ONE, then how have they been around for 50 years and in 2008 they made $7 Billion. And no one like them?

    3: Jose LD, you lost at school football, you lost your girfriend, you even lost your vingin… But you lost 200 credit and that is a scam. When you lost your Vingin….was that a SCAM???

    4: Zeek: I am from Australia, My Dubli business is in the U.S.A. Australia opens in 2 days, this should say it all. This is the first MLM Company that i have been in. I have been in for 3 weeks god know how many people i have showen. And made a little under $1,800 for that time. I remember the two things that has stuck in my mind, from the man that ask me “Have you heard about the next big Ebay?” AND I didn’t even know this man from a bar of soap. This happened at a fish and chip shop at 7.30 at night in Brisbane Australia. 1: Do you think that there are people out there, that think like you to get ahead in life. 2: If your dreams are big enough, then the facts dont count. All that i can really say, follow your heart and this will lead you to your Dreams. It is working for me. Take Care from Australia

  6. Could somebody tell me when Dubli is going to launch into the United Kingdom?
    What is the history both the ups and downs of the company so far?
    Thanks, James from York UK

  7. Hi Im with dubli and signed up just over a month ago and Im from Australia and have just made $108 which is better then nothing and it is just like Costco where you spend money to save money The express Auction is the better one I think as you know you are getting cheaper with the price guarantee. Anyway thats my bit I dont think it is a scam as there are 500 shops joining on the shopping portal in Australia in March.

  8. dubli has been around for over 6 years – and been a failure in every market they’ve tried (especially china).

    The games are all simple gambling and are not even straight games. The only way to make money is to recruit like crazy, that is, suck others into it.

    Has anyone ever signed up and made money with dubli?

    Basically dubli will be attractive to people who exhibit three traits: lazy (didn’t do any research), stupid (focus on the complex “opportunity” instead of the product), and greedy (want something for nothin’). If that sounds like you then you’re a dubli kinda person. Get your $3000 together and hand it over…

  9. Wow I can’t believe the negative comments on a company that is flying ahead and about to go global in a few weeks.

    I have been part of DubLi since Nov 2009 and made over $25000 USD already – not bad for a couple of hours a day. It is listed on the public stock market – do you realise what a company has to go through to even be considered to be listed???

    I guess anyone who doesn’t know enough about a company, sees something new and automatically thinks it’s a scam, is running another business and bagging DubLi to get “Goolge hits” is unsucessful in whatever they choose be it DubLi or Amway etc etc…would have to put a negative post on this site “bagging” DubLi – no matter what you enter into you are NOT going to do well, it is NOT in your nature…

    Enjoy what you are doing now because you may be doing it for the rest of your life!

    With DubLi we should be sitting back on a fantastic residual income within 3-5 years (not a get rich quick scheme)….so put in the hard work now and retire soon…

    I know where I am heading.

  10. Zeek asked if anyone has made money from DubLi, well I’m happy to report that I have made around AUD$30,000 this year and I’m not a VP or even a SD, but just one of a number of associates who I know who have done so. So Zeek if you get your act together and do the work you will reap the rewards.
    Dillon obviously has no idea what he is talking about, it has nothing to do with how high you are up the ladder but more to do with how much hard work you put in to establish a business structure under you, much like any business. There are people who joined before me who are theoretically “higher up” than me, but have not put in the effort so they are not making the money I am. This is like a franchise, if you do it well your franchise will make more money than those who are not doing it well. Simple economics my friend.
    DubLi does not claim to be bigger than eBay, they say they WILL be bigger than eBay in the future and if you take the time to study their business plan I think they will achieve their goal. When you looked into the company did you look at the USA stock market where they have successfully reverse listed. No dude I think you need to get a life and stop being such a loser.
    As for poor old JoseLD what a loser, he spends all his credits on the one auction and doesn’t win, so he cries wolf. He is so ignorant of how the auction works that he doesn’t realise that by bidding the same amount as someone else on the Unique Bid auction that he actually cancels out both their bids. Read the rules of the various auctions before you play buddy. I wonder if he has ever bothered to check out the great prices you can get stuff for on the Xpress auction.
    Hi James, DubLi already has a Europeon portal that includes the UK, I hope by now someone has shown you how to get on board.
    Good on you Desiree that is just the beginning of the income, you do the hard yards and you will be rewarded with success. I agree with you I also far prefer the Xpress auction because you are dealing with a known quantity.
    And finally user3b, mate you have no idea what you are talking about. The problem with people like you is that YOU have done no research on DubLi, because if you had and have half a brain in your head you would be in the business. This is a business that if you are NOT lazy, stupid or greedy you will make a success of. It’s when you think it’s a get rich quick scheme and you don’t have to put in an enormous amount of effort to be successful, that you miss the boat. Bon voyage loser, I have made money and will continue doing so in spite of wingers like you. It cost me AUD$4000 to join and I’ve made close on AUD$30,000 not a bad return on my investment.

  11. Mike Flavell // October 27, 2010 at 8:43 am // Reply

    Ask why Trevor Chatham, who made about A$1m why he was booted out of Dubli after 18 months

  12. dubtruthrevealed // October 31, 2010 at 3:59 pm // Reply

    In my view DubLi is a Scam.
    Now that the Auctions have been running for a while and you can see exactly what is happening on all 4 Auction sites it has become very obvious that Customers are not preoared to pay $3.20, the cost of 4 DubLi Credits, to lower the Cost of an item $1.

    It is now vey obvious that DubLi lied about there being 85 Customers for each DubLi Business Associate in Europe and the fact that they had 2.3million new customers in 8 months in 2008. There is clearly no evidence of this on the list of completed Auctions.

    About 95% of US BAs did not renew last year.

    BAs have to purchase DubLi Credits which they can’t sell.

    As BAs we were lied to on numerous occasions. We were told that customers would use our credits to purchase entertainment …WRONG.

    We were told you could EARN INCOME by purchasing cash cards at a discount. The presentation at is incredibly bad but shows clearly what lengths the leaders of Dubli will go to in an effort to con people. It is stupid to say that you can EARN INCOME when customers have to spend $3.20 to Save $1. More like a formula for losing money.

    Whatever you do, don’t become a BA. Chances are you will not be able to sell your Credits.

  13. I was a BA at Dubli and one of the majority who have not renewed. I am now stuck with hundreds of credits which I have almost used up and have absolutely nothing to show for it. The chances of winning on the Unique bid are very very slim so don’t waste your time – it is like shoving coins into the slot machines at the casino. Nobody I know has ever made money from Dubli plus the end product is very limited ie. check out the selection of things you can bid on.

  14. Dubli is a completely different company now. They no longer have auctions. They are now a cash back shopping company where if you are a member (which is free of paid your choice) you get cash back for shopping online at one of the thousands of stores Dubli is affiliated with.

  15. Hello,

    We have receive several emails lately about Dubli from other marketers such as Tony Rush and Beau Bridgewater and Team Wukar.

    Anyone having any success in 2014 and how has this business changed?
    Charles & Susan

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