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Anybody Have a Review of DS Domination? Is this a scam?


Hello everyone,

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We are looking for info or a review on this program called DS Domination.
We would like to know the price of joining and if there is a monthly fee.
Does anyone know who started DS Domination and maybe some background information of the owner.
We are looking for someone who is a member or has knowledge of this internet program.
Is this a scam or pyramid scheme?
From our limited research it appears to be some kind of drop shipping deal with products from Amazon and selling on Ebay.
Is this correct or are we off base?

Also if someone could let us know a little about the training and some info on the compensation plan would be great such as are there any pass ups to your upline sponsor.

Thanks in advance,
Charles & Susan

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13 Comments on Anybody Have a Review of DS Domination? Is this a scam?

  1. David Mandelstamm // March 5, 2014 at 6:36 pm // Reply

    DS Domination… I was a member at the “Pro” level for about a month, until the 3rd week of February 2014. I quit, then rejoined in early March, due to my lady friend leaning on me to give it another try. I regret to say that I’m sorry I rejoined DS Domination!

    First of all, DS Domination is NOT a scam. It IS a multi-level marketing company, the product being a training program to teach people to list products on eBay… using Amazon and other suppliers as drop-shippers.

    I reached the point of having about 34 active listings, of which 5 sold. Not that bad for a beginner. But here’s the rub… the “Pro” training ($19.95/mo) is pretty good, but it contains “holes”. In other words, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it leaves out information that would be important for a beginner with no eBay experience to know ahead of time. Also, the profit margins are small, using the eBay/Amazon arbitrage method taught in the “Pro” level… only about $5-$8 per item, after allowing for absorbitant eBay and PayPal fees!

    Anyhow, I ended up dealing with LOTS of customer service frustrations, 21-day PayPal holds on my funds (meaning ZERO cash flow, necessitating me to purchase products out of MY pocket while waiting for those holds to clear), and excessive shipping times from some of Amazon’s partners… Yes, Amazon themselves uses other drop-shippers… and some are better than others.

    The frosting on the cake is that I received a negative feedback comment on eBay, which was completely unwarranted. (I was taking care of business on MY end responsibly… ordering products and processing returns within 24 hrs.) However, one lady posted a negative feedback comment. After rectifying the situation with her, she amended the comment, but it’s still there. So I now have three eBay feedback comments, 2 positive and 1 negative, giving me only a 66% positive rating, even though I didn’t do anything wrong!

    Again, let me reiterate… DS Domination is not a scam. BUT, at least at the beginner training level (“Pro”), they leave out key information that CAN cause a new seller to get into trouble.

    One other issue: You can list an item on eBay. Then when it sells, you find out that the Amazon price has gone up in the meantime… sometimes drastically. This puts you in a position, where you have to issue a refund, or else take a financial hit, because the price hike has most likely obliterated your profit margin. This would have been crucial to know about in advance (but I DIDN’T). It turns out there are free software programs that will track Amazon price increases.

    My guess is that DS Domination gives you just enough information at the “Pro” level to be “dangerous”. LOL And that they want you spending $100/mo. to get the next training level, called “Elite”. Maybe Elite is worthwhile, but I don’t have another $100 to throw at this puppy to find out. However, the good thing about Elite is that it teaches you how to use other suppliers besides Amazon. Roger Langille claims that they show you how to work with 10 additional suppliers in “Elite”. Of course, this begs the question: Could somebody research this information on their own, without paying DS Domination $100/mo?

  2. Hello Charles and Susan! (btw, I’ve followed/know you since back in the old EDC Gold days!)

    I would like to shed a little light if I can on DSD.

    It is indeed training on how to drop ship on eBay sourcing from many various other sites and also eventually selling on Amazon.

    First of all, NO, it is not a scam.

    Second, is it a ‘pyramid scheme’? NO – however there IS an affiliate side to it that is 100% Optional. You Can and Will still make money (if you completely follow the training ‘step by step’ and attend the weekly webinars which it doesn’t sound like the other person who commented did as there is an answer for EVERY ‘issue’ he had and how to work with it and fix it/get past it) as the ‘product’ you’re paying for is the training and various software. The affiliate side is just an extra way to make money for those who wish to let people know about it. It’s very unique in that it is a ‘cost offset’ model vs your typical MLM/Network marketing setup. (link to ‘cost offset model’ in website provided for more info on what it is and how it differs and is better)

    As far as affiliate pay goes, it goes 10 levels deep. You make 50% of the monthly fee’s your 1st line pays, then less as it goes down of course. You Do have to have any of the different levels yourself in order to get paid on them or that ‘sale/monthly fee’ will go up to your sponsor assuming they have that level themselves.

    The various levels of training are:

    Pro – 19.95/mo
    Elite – 99.95/mo
    Unleashed – 249 1 time fee
    Monopoly – 499 1 time fee (this is the top level training which goes into selling on Amazon vs eBay)
    There are also some marketing training levels at 1 time fee’s as well.
    Affiliate – 9.95/mo

    Roger Langille is the creator of DS Domination. (DS for Drop Ship)
    He was very big in eBay doing all the drop shipping himself over the years and became very very good at it. He has learned all the ins and outs of how to do it and how to overcome this issue and that problem etc etc. That is where his training makes it worth paying to learn all of that. Yes, you could research everything and find different sites on your own and go by trial and error…. but you will likely find yourself getting shut down after not being able to handle some issues that will inevitably come up. But with learning from someone who’s been there and done that, you will be so much better equipped to get past it and thrive.

    I have been a part of DSD since before it was around. Roger had private training that he provided to others before he decided to take it to the masses. I do not know him personally other than via phone calls and his training. I am not a ‘friend’ or buddy of his. I’m just speaking from my own experience.

    In regards to Davids statements/issues he encountered:

    He should have learned if he watched all the videos and attended a webinar or two, that YES if you are brand new to selling on eBay or new to PayPal, you Will have holds on your money. The training goes over how to get past that and speed up the time it would normally take if you just sit by and don’t be proactive about it.

    The average profits in Pro are correct. $5-15 is fairly typical. Yes, the other sites and additional training one will receive in Elite will be Much higher. Into the hundreds for profit. Not always typical for the average sale, but Very possible.

    He mentioned a big NO NO that is gone over time and again in the training when he mentions Amazon “partners”. We are told NOT to order from anyone BUT AMAZON or you do risk issues like he experienced. However, again, in the training there are ways to get beyond it.

    He says he received negative feedback but the seller revised it. Well he once again obviously didn’t go over the training as there is a whole module on problem orders. It’s talked about in the live trainings as well. I’m sure he never called eBay to have the negative removed. I’m sure they would have reversed it had he followed the training.

    He mentions price changes on Amazon. Yes, it happens often. There is a software for us to use in our training, just download it and use it. It tracks the price changes on anything you want on Amazon.

    He wonders if he could research it all on his own. I responded to that above. (Yes, but beware)

    There are many many people who are making a huge living by drop shipping on eBay. Well into the 6 figures too. There is even additional training from certain ‘leaders’ of teams if you happen to join one that does that. I’m lucky to be on one that does and it’s awesome.

    By the way… this is also a BUSINESS. It takes money to start and run one. If you want a hobby, you can make it a hobby and not get a return. If you put your heart and effort into it, you’ll quit your job and work for yourself.

    I would certainly invite you (or anyone who’s interested) to contact me if you wish further information.

    I hope everyone has an Awesome day!

  3. I’m in it and am already making money. I take it your already in and this is your way of marketing the program but just in case I might be wrong you can always join our team build for some of the benefits we are offering.

  4. Hi its not a scam but to make real money with it you need to upgrade to very expensive levels , i know this because i have 2 friends struggling with it ,they say to make a few $ takes a lot of your time unless you upgrade big time pending on your circumstances i guess ? now this is much more like it

  5. I know its legit because a friend of mine is doing it. the cost is $19.95 a month for the training. but if you get a couple of referrals its free each month. that’s about all I can tell you right now.


  6. Hello everyone,

    Thank you to all that left these very detailed comments and all the great info about DS Domination.
    That is exactly what we were looking for and it coming from members and ex members it really shed a lot of info.

    Again thanks and keep them coming.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  7. Dwight Denson // March 10, 2014 at 5:12 pm // Reply

    This is not a scam. I have only been involved for a week with 0 sales but the training is worth the money. I am only at the Pro Level but I think to really make money I would have to got to the Elite Level. I am to new to this, but it didn’t take long following the directions on how to list product. Like no money spent till earned.

  8. No, not a scam. No, not any other ‘shady’ activity. You can make money, no doubt, but….do the math. If you have hundreds of listings and are selling at a good pace to make any money, you will have no life to speak of other than checking your computer at an ungodly rate to sell, relist, ship, account for all monies, taxes and other fees, and as someone else said, keep people happy. Oh yes, you can ‘buy’ upwards in the program, which is very much extortion for information you can buy once and do all that is going on here. I know, there will be those with contentions to what I have said, well, good luck, the tax man cometh.

  9. I joined months ago, but not as an affiliate — meaning I joined just to learn their techniques. I recorded all their videos as MP3’s. What more do I need? I can listen to my recordings as often as I need. Got the training and got out. And that is the achilles heal. If you work it as a recruiting deal, you must convince your downline to stick around. But why should they stick around? No need to after learning the techniques. Also, their higher levels smell funny at a hundred bucks a month. You can buy same training for less than ten bucks one time. Why pay a hundred a month? And last, it may not be significant, but their CEO fell out of a coffee MLM called Sozo, before starting DS Domination. You should find out why. I don’t know that answer. Are you comfortable representing yourself on Ebay as a seller, yet not really being the actual seller — who is someone on Amazon. Do you entrust your reputation on Ebay to someone you don’t know over at Amazon. I’m not real comfortable doing that. I’d rather create my own product and be responsible for it entirely.

  10. Ken McDaniels // March 22, 2015 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Doesn’t appear to be a scam, however, I am not interested in MLM so I haven’t looked into it deeply.

  11. Paul Berentsen // July 9, 2015 at 2:03 pm // Reply

    While I have no direct personal experience I can cite (I looked at it briefly), I know personally 2 people who have already replaced their past employment income with DS Domination.

    To Ken McDaniels point: the “MLM” portion of it is strictly optional. One can–if following the training, and especially referred by a knowledgeable person who is willing to guide you, do very well. I believe all the caveats mentioned by earlier responders cover any “negatives” that one would experience.

    Do NOT go off and try this unless you a willing to follow directions, be trained, and are patient while you are learning.
    In your working career, have you ever given a job to fulfill that you were never trained for?
    Highly unlikely.

    • Hi Paul,

      We have not personally tried DS Domination either but from what you say it sounds like it has some potential.
      Patience is not a virtue shared by folks now a days, everyone wants it now and if they don’t get it now they move on to something else.

      Then they repeat the cycle over and over again.

      Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

      Charles & Susan

  12. I totally understand selling using drop-shipping. But does Nordstrom’s buy product from Sears and resell it, rather than finding their own sources? Sears is not a drop-shipper.

    If a person can use Ebay, they can also use Amazon. Because of DSDomination, I will NEVER buy something on Ebay until I check the prices on Amazon first. Besides, I trust Amazon more anyway.

    DSD is not a scam – in my mind, however, it’s just a rip-off. Sure, some have made a decent income but, as people wise up to how this actually deceives them, it doesn’t seem like it will last long. New people, especially, should be wary.

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