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Our Review Of Build My Income Daily – BMID Scam or Legit?

Build My Income Daily Review  AKA BMID

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Owner: Marvin Williams

Working from home can be quite a tiresome and challenging process. Starting an internet business that will ensure you work from home will usually take a few weeks to even a few years. The saddest part is that there are some programs that promise a guaranteed easy income. Once you join them, you discover that you will have to work very hard in order to get a decent income. A good example of such a program is Build My Income Daily by Marvin Williams. To start with it has stopped rising in popularity. The main reason why this is happening is the number of people who have discovered that making money on the site is not as easy as it looks. So why is this so?

It uses the “get paid daily’ concept of compensating its members. Each transaction done through the platform is member-to-member. Basically, you place free advertisements and when a person joins the program using your ad, you get instant payments to your PayPal account. All you need to join the program is a computer, internet access and $20. Although this might look very tempting, it is actually not realistic to make thousands of dollars a month just from investing $20. If it was possible, no one would be working 9 – 5 jobs.

There are two Build My Income Daily membership plans; $20 monthly and $100 unlimited. The $20 membership gives you $20 for every signup through your ads. The $100 gives you the $20 and also $100 for every signup by a $100 member using your ad. When you look at these figures, it simply means the whole business involves money going around. As a $100 member, you are not only privy a lifetime membership, but also to many marketing resources including e-books. All these are used to make people join using your ads.

If you take a close look at it, you will see that one thing is clear. You buy a product, advertise it to someone who buys it from you, this person then sells it to the next person and so forth. If there are ten people in the chain, it means that by the time the tenth person is buying the product, he will not have anyone to sell it to. This program will also behave in the same way. If we all join, where is the income going to be coming from. Build My Income Daily is not actually a way to make a great income, but a way to cash-in for a short while.



This is a guest article and may not reflect the views of Charles and Susan Truett

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10 Comments on Our Review Of Build My Income Daily – BMID Scam or Legit?

  1. MissCash Flow IsPaid // March 17, 2014 at 4:41 am // Reply

    Actually, you can use the software to promote any business! Selling the software itself is just a bonus… A $100 Bonus! So if you do not have a business to market or promote, you probably shouldn’t have the software anyway. You do get what you pay for…… The Posting Software!!! What you choose to use it for, is all up to the consumer…

    NiColla Carter

  2. This is a joke, I joined Bmid a month ago, Marvin Williams was my sponser, since then I put a website blog up, posted thousands of ads got no subsribers because my landing page blocked the names going to my traffic wave account! I know that! The reason I know is that I used my own personal address and the autoresponder worked fine, that’s with my own ip address.

    I then tried a proxy and entered two more of my email accounts neither one worked I got no email from autoresponder. So when I asked Marvin to help me he treated me like I was a dummy asking me same ole same ole questions over and over again stuff like well did you watch the training videos he refused to even click my link and enter an email for me to check himself he just assumed I didn’t know what I was doing but offered no solutions.

    So he blocked my entire bmid account, I have spent hundreds of hours working on this setting up a domain and website. Now he has completely blocked my entire account.

    I am also blocked on backpage and facebook doesnt post most of the time, I will be reporting this company to the Federal Trade Commission as soon as I get his address, of couse that will be difficult as there is no contact info on the who is domain list.

    I would not recommend this scam to anyone. Yes there are a handful
    posting videos but whats funny they tell you this software works then they say oh be creative, make videos, engage on facebook lol
    I would not make a video to represent this company under no circumstances if so it would be a lie.

    I bought the software to promote my biz on facebook and backpage,
    tried that got blocked, then tried the bmid got blocked again, by
    backpage, I am not allowed to post anything now there under any email account.

    Now numbers do not lie, If I am getting a click thru rate of 90 % what is going on, the numbers do not lie, there is a problem here with this company.

    I have money involved buying domain, ad trackers, autoresponder account and many many many hours, my domain was a waste of time as everything blocked, yes I am done but I am not finished wiht Bmid!

  3. It is indeed a scam, the software will get you banned, your ip banned your facebook banned and Marvin Williams will not offer a bit of help or support even if he is your sponser, he acts like he doesnt hear or see anything you are asking, its like hes not half there most of the time!

    He has blocked my account I have no access to anything as I cannot evern get onto bmid website when I search it appears its down, He refused to help me yesterday after I discovered my landing pages were being blocked, we had a few short words and he immediatly blocked me all my work for nothing not to mention the money for the software and the domain, trackers etc.

    He will explain it to the FTC.

    • Hi Sue,

      Well this does not sound good.
      Did Marvin Williams give you a reason for closing your account?
      Not familiar with the software but it is not unusual to get banned
      with this type of software.

      Charles & Susan

  4. Thanks for the info. There comments have been helpful. I will avoid this product. I knew Facebook disliked autoposters, and I see FB’s techonology is able to single this one out also.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Yes FaceBook can sniff out the autoposters as well as folks who spam links.
      Is that why you decided not to join BMID?

      Thank you for commenting.
      Charles & Susan

  5. EddyMuzzammil // September 14, 2014 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    can this software allow world wide? means i am from Pakistan and here Paypal is not allowing as a payment process so my question is that can i use this software and get paid in my cousion paypal account who live in USA?

  6. this article is total nonsense and obviously the person the person that wrote it has no idea what BMID is realy about. Do your homework before you write reviews.

    • Hi Myra,
      Can you be a little more specific than “Do your homework before you write reviews.”
      If we messed up somewhere please let us know.
      Are you a member of this program?
      Thank you for sharing your comments.
      Charles & Susan

  7. @Sue…the software doesn’t get you banned from facebook. You got you banned from facebook. Let me explain. There is a such thing as smart marketing and that wouldn’t include promoting ads and spamming the facebook groups with replicated links, images and texts. You do realize that there are thousands of people doing the same exact thing causing facebook to notice a raise a red flag. BMID is not the only company that facebook won’t allow replicated sites. This is marketing where people that want to succeed need to be creating in their promoting of their business. I have no complaints about Marvin or the system since I have recruited hundreds and made tens of thousand of dollars. Instead of spamming groups links why not post value such as blog post or video. Why not brand yourself. There are so many great ways to use this tools and yet people insist on spamming their links. Marvin does not ban anyone unless they violate the terms and conditions of the bmid policy. It is not a scam at all. Most people say things are a scam when they don’t get results period. They don’t stop and reflect if its due to lack of marketing efforts. I have got some news for you. No. You are not going to wake up one day and spam links using your poster and not do anything else and expect results period. How is it that people go 4 years to college and don’t last 30 days in their business? The tools in the back office can all be used to promote bmid links such as the traffic exchanges, safelists, and free classified sites. If you are going to use the forum marketing sites or social media sites, I would suggest that its done strategically, and you use these platforms to build relationships, build trust, brand yourself…because people do not know who you are and a pitch is just a pitch. Lead with value,

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