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Anybody Have a Review Of Kannaway Hemp? Legit or A Scam?

Hello everyone,
Have you heard of this MLM company called Kannaway Hemp?
There is a lot chatter going on about this program and lot of people are promoting this opportunity and we are looking for some info about this.
From our research this what we have found out about Kannaway Hemp such as products and compensation plan.

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Kannaway Hemp Products: They claim their products are legal in all 50 states and can be shipped to all states as there is no THC in which is the cannabinoid in the cannabis that gives you the high feeling from what we understand. The initial products being offered are which are high in CBD  and made from hemp oil are a vaporizer pen and a hemp oil rich salve.

Compensation Plan: As with most MLM’s you are rewarded with product sales as well as product sales of the people you recruit.

At the time this article is written Kannaway Hemp is in pre launch mode known as Kannaway Buzz Launch with a scheduled date of April 1st as when they go live.

Everyone that you enrolled during the the pre launch will go on your frontline or a powerline and will be able to make a purchase ranging from $35  all the way up to $999.

Folks we are going to be honest with you we can’t grasp our head around the compensation plan as it looks extremely complicated and complex.

We would really like some input from you our readers if you can explain it to us where we can understand it in layman’s terms.

To be honest with you Kannaway Hemp  compensation plan worries us because if we can’t understand it how many other folks don’t understand it as well.

Or maybe the company does not want you to understand it, just a thought.

Marketing Plan: There marketing plan looks primitive to us as it seem everyone sends their prospects to the same page and the prospect has to enter the referral number of the member. If they enter the wrong number you are out of luck.

This could have been easily solved by using an affiliate link as most network marketing companies do.

Are they trying to steal affiliate commissions?

We are not saying that, but this could have been done better to eliminate this all together.

Conclusion:We know there are strong opinions of the use of medical marijuana and from our research it does not appear that Kannaway falls in that category.

With that being said we will pass on this opportunity but we would like to know your opinion and let us know if we messed up as we are not experts in cannabis field.

Thank you for reading and please share and leave your comments below.

Best regards,

Charles & Susan Truett

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About Charles & Susan Truett (145 Articles)
We are Charles & Susan Truett from East Tennessee in The Smoky Mountains. We have been online marketers for about ten years. We like connecting and helping folks so feel free to connect with us. Thank you for visiting.

29 Comments on Anybody Have a Review Of Kannaway Hemp? Legit or A Scam?

  1. Hi Charles and Susan,

    I’ve been receiving your emails for quite some time. I must say, though that you might want to do a little more research on the Kannaway opportunity. There are a few VERY BIG things that need clarified. The CBD-rich oil IS legal in all 50 states and the parent company has been selling it for 7 years. Furthermore, the oil that Kannaway provides has been proven through third-party laboratory testing to be higher in CBD’s than any other oil. The last time it was tested against many other oils, it was found to be 97% CBD-rich and the closest competitor was only 56%. This is why it is such a powerful product. Also, the compensation plan is not confusing, it is multi-faceted meaning that there are literally 10 ways to earn. It’s really quite simple. Get 3 and yours is free; and the car bonus is actually very easy to achieve and you get a BMW or Mercededes. Also it is not a binary. It goes 10 levels deep and infinitely wide. There is no break-away in this model. You keep what you earn, always as long as you maintain your BV which is 50 if memory serves. Very, very easy. You also suggested that everyone sends their prospects to the same landing page. Not true. For about 1 week that was true but now everyone has 3 of their own landing pages with their code built in. Kannaway also provides some of the easiest, slickest and most powerful marketing software on the planet. There is nothing else like it, it only costs $15 per month (which is a steal) and according to what the leaders are saying, representatives will be able to post pre-made, content-rich ads with their code already built in to more than 300 social sites…with one click. Any time those ads are re-shared, the representative’s link stays with the ad and they receive credit for any sign-ups, no matter how many times it is shared. Anyone who’s been around the marketing arena knows that this is unheard of in the industry. Everything about the company from start to finish is extremely professional and well-done. The marketing materials are top notch and beautiful along with the websites; and with more than 70 products based on the richest CBD-oil in the world, this is a winner. Anyone who does not know about CBD’s can watch this video or go to and signing up to be a rep is easy at There has never been anything like this and the ‘buzz’ along with the quality of leadership, reminds me of the early days of another MLM giant with ‘Way’ in the name that will go unnamed. So when there is another opportunity to get involved at the ground floor of something so huge like this, I consider it a no-brainer. This is truly unprecedented and I hope to see you guys there! You can call me with any questions at 1-800-975-6273 or simply visit – This is the real deal.

  2. Hi,

    It’s is really true what they say about it being a small world. I am subscribed to you and happen to see the topic of your email… I am apart of the Kannaway community and I have been since their pre launch. I received my Hemp Vap and Salve because I wanted both. It is legal to ship their CBD hemp oil products within the 50 states. In fact hemp products are already available for purchase from local health/food stores and amazon if you do a search you will see them.

    This is something new that has hit the surface so naturally people maybe a little reluctant or skeptical but from what I see through research it checked out for me. Getting people informed is what we stand on meaning people researching for themselves what hemp and cbd is and the history behind it. It will come as no surprise when you see it’s many uses and it’s connection with everything pro life…

    Anyhow I know sometime it is better when you know someone than to consider something and put your trust in the same people who are offering it to you. So you know I am a real person here is my facebook page that is my music page.

    It would be an easier exchange of communication about this to further details about this company. Lets talk and I will fill you in… Thank You and I look forward

  3. It’s asking for a sponsor ID number to sign up – anyone have an ID number they want to share so I can sign up. Thanks – denise

  4. I would like to emphsise the importance of learning what CBD is and how it affects the body. Or body’s have been deprived of Cannabidiols for too long

  5. @Paxeon Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments and correcting us on the marketing system.This sounds like a big improvement over what we saw from our research.
    You say the compensation plan is not complicated, we respectfully disagree but that is just us.
    Thank you again and good luck with Kannaway Hemp.

    @Qwamel Thank you as well for stopping by and sharing with us.
    It is in fact a small world.
    You mentioned you have received the Hemp Vap and Salve and we wanted to know what these products treat and have you used them.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    @Stan Are you saying that CBD are an additive substance?

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  6. @ Denise you actually don’t need id numbers anymore it is within the site now if you go to you can sign up there my email is

    @ Charles & Susan Thank you for your response… Since I am not a licensed medical professional I can not prescribe,treat,diagnose or cure any diseases or conditions. However as a Nutritional Consultant there are nutritional supplements that our company has that could used for nutritional purposes. I am including a link that may enlighten you please feel free to reach out anytime..and thank you again

  7. Hi Denise, you can use 9460427 to sign up or simply do so by going to

    Charles and Susan, I’m not sure why you think the compensation plan is confusing. Have you actually laid your eyes on the PDF of the plan? They are also putting together some very nice explainer videos to make it clear for anyone who is confused. It’s a VERY generous plan.

    Kind regards,


  8. Hi! Charles and Susan: I too have been on your memberships for about 15+ years.
    More than two weeks ago I was referred to the Kannaway business opportunity and immediately I did some due diligence on CBD products and found that they are legal products to market.

    I’ve watched several Kannaway Hangouts+ and found that most of the individuals are seasoned marketers.

    It is cross culturally and spans through a young college age group to a more senior age groups both males and females.

    However, this is the first of it’s kind in Internet History to take the affiliate approach to selling these kinds of products. So far it doesn’t appear to be a scam.

    I look at most things like this as a speculative or personal investment and if it works out successfully, it would have been worthwhile the efforts to engage and check new ventures when they come to the Internet for the first time.

    I just recently purchased my first product which is a CBD Salve at so I should be receiving it within the next week.

    After receiving the product I will check it out and come back here and post an update on my experiences with it.

    Best Regards, Jerry.

  9. Correction, this is NOT the first Hemp or CBD business of Network Marketing. Kannaway purchased a company that did not have the same 70 million backing that Kannaway does and has created something of immense value to its distributors. I’ve used both the Hemp Vap as well as the Salve and they are both excellent. You can call with questions at 1-800-975-6273 or simply go to to get started. This is a ground-floor opportunity, launches April 1st and we’re here to help our distributors succeed.

  10. @Paxeon: Yes we did take a look at a graphic at another site and it seemed confusing. Can you point us to a simplified version that us country folk can understand?

    @Qwamel: We understand completely and thank you for taking the time to comment.

    @Jerry: Thank you for stopping and commenting and for being on our list for all these years.
    From what we understand the products are legal and hopefully effective. Please do update us with your experience with the Kannaway CBD salve.
    We wish you good luck and thank you for taking the time to stop by and sharing with us.

    Charles & Susan

  11. I’m not talking about a graphic. There is a 20+ page PDF for Kannaway members only that explains the compensation plan. If you’re interested in learning more about it, join for free at

  12. Unfortunately, just like any other MLM, people in it are blinded by the potential for money. Kannaway is no different. Besides for the products being highly overpriced, like most MLM’s, here are the facts on CBD from hemp. There are two very distinct groups of marijuana strains. One is cannabis; the other is hemp.
    Hemp has no medicinal value as it only contains about four percent cannabidiol (CBD). It also contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which means it cannot produce a high. Cannabis is potent medicine courtesy of high amounts of CBD, medicinal terpenes, and flavonoids. The thing they have in common is that they both contain cannabidiol (CBD), which has medicinal properties. The amount of CBD however, differs greatly between the two. Dosing, therefore, is dramatically different where you to try to use hemp in lieu of cannabis, as the latter, cannabis, is up to 100-fold more potent. Another difference that appears to matter in terms of its usefulness as medicine relates to differing terpene profiles. Hemp contains very little of these valuable medicinal compounds.

  13. There are mistakes and then there are blatant lies. What this person is saying is a blatant lie. Hemp AND Marijuana are two species within the Genus of Cannabis. As such, Hemp, which DOES contain CBD’s, DOES have tremendous value, according to scientists and doctors. Anyone who would rather learn the truth than listening to this fodder should do their own research at It’s unbelievable how many imbeciles who have nothing better to do than spread lies, present themselves as experts and even more extraordinary how many people fall for BS like this. Kannaway is a viable, ground-floor opportunity backed by more than $70 Million in research and development and the parent company has been providing CBD-rich hemp oil products for 7 years. We’ve done our due diligence, now you do yours and when you’re ready, get started with the fastest-growing company in Network Company history at

  14. P.S. The products are not overpriced. They are reasonable and in line with what anyone would pay at any retail location. The difference is, no one else provides them but us and you can get yours free when you sign up 3. Kannaway’s oil has been tested over and over and proven to be higher in CBD’s than any other oil. Fact. 97% CBD-rich at last testing. Closest oil had only 56% CBD. HUGE difference. Talk with someone who is actually in the company, not a hostile outsider with an agenda.

  15. Awe Paxeon….did I burst your bubble. All of my evidence is backed by unbiased science, not your MLM backed BS. Everything I said is very true. Sorry you had to cry about it. You will never make any money from Kannaway. Just another MLM wannabee!!!

  16. The facts that I quoted are ALL backed by science. The viability adn quality of Kannaway’s products are also entirely backed by science. Another fact (since you seem to be short on those)…more than $70,000,000 went into product research and development for Kannaway’s products. Seems you don’t really have a leg to stand on. Seems you’ve got an agenda, also. What is it that makes you so jealous of successful people? Maybe if you stopped spreading lies and false information, you would have more time to be successful, yourself. Just a thought. Oh, and one more fact for you, we are personally doing extremely well with the Kannaway opportunity. It’s hard not to succeed when something this good and this high caliber comes along…which isn’t very often.

  17. Paxeon….you seem to be quite sensitive. I am quite successful and don’t need your validation. There are no lies and once people get their minds unpolluted from the very small chance that they can make money with this, they will all be better off. And how about that cheesy website for Kannaway. Did a fifth grader put that together? Get a grip. Read below and weep.

  18. LOL! You can’t actually be serious. That post is so full of lies and half-truths that it is laughable and even absurd to anyone who knows the facts about Kannaway. Once again, here are the facts for anyone who wants the truth rather than the lies this man is spreading.

    1. Everyone is receiving their product and the products are excellent. (I DO actually use them everyday.)
    2. The product line that Kannaway sells is 100% legal in all 50 states according to Federal Legislation (I HAVE actually read it).
    3. Kannaway IS a viable opportunity backed by $70 Million in research and development. (We ARE actually doing very well and the company support is excellent!)
    4. It’s not secret, hidden information that HempMedsPx is providing the products. (That’s news???)
    5. The compensation plan has been fully disclosed and explained and is available to all Representatives. (I HAVE actually read it and it is quite lucrative, with 10 ways to earn, including a very nice, rather easily-obtainable car bonus with models including Mercedes and BMW’s from which to choose.)
    6. The websites are beautiful and professionally made and ALL Reps get 3 landing pages that are currently free. Beginning April 1st it will only cost $15 per month to use the personalized landing pages and software that is unrivaled in the industry, which will enable all Representatives to take their business to the next level.
    7. Kannaway has 2 high-powered legal teams working for them, as a fact, so compliance is assured. Furthermore, I would be very careful about making false claims and spreading lies. There is a thing called ‘Libel’ as well as ‘Slander’ and there are ways to find people who hide behind an IP address, recklessly engaging in such behavior, like yourself.

    Having said that, I won’t be wasting anymore time with you. All-in-all, the only people who would expend the amount of energy that you have, fabricating lies about Kannaway, have an unscrupulous agenda. You either have a personal beef with one of the leaders of Kannaway, or you are being paid by a competitor to make those ridiculous and untrue statements; and I’m sure that honest people can easily see through your lies.

    Either way, it’s obvious that you have never personally been involved with Kannaway, in order to obtain first-hand knowledge of the company and opportunity and therefore, obviously do NOT know the details. If you had, you couldn’t be making the statements you’ve made in good conscience.

    Education is paramount and due diligence is crucial, but it’s obvious that neither of these is a concern of yours. The article you provided is ridiculous. Anyone can plaster lies across the Internet. It’s first-hand knowledge that speaks volumes and it’s the truth that matters. Those are the things that people really want and that is exactly what I’ve provided.

  19. Kannaways “exclusive” products can be bought and found here for a drastically cheaper price. Your welcome.

  20. I have no idea where the idea that KannaWay’s products have had $70M in development costs has come from, nor who the parent company has been in business for seven years.

    The first products made with CBD extracted from industrial hemp were made by Dixie Botanicals and CanChew, both affiliated with Medical Marijuana, Inc., which grew its first hemp crop in 2012.

    MJNA then sold the hemp growing and CBD oil extracting operation to CannaVest in December, 2012. CannaVest, which did not exist before late-2012, introduced its first products in mid-2013, and in fact, the Cannabis Beauty DEFINED Salve appears to be a rebranded jar of the original formula (containing camphor) of the Cibaderm Hemp Calm Salve.

    The HempVAP pen was introduced late in 2013 and the brand appears to co-owned by MJNA and HDDC Holdings, ltd.

    HempMedsPX, which is handling the shipping and wholesaling, only came into existence in mid-2013.

    So the products and the companies developing them are very young, certainly not seven years old.

    It’s possible that General Hemp, which is behind KannaWay and wholly owned by Stuart Titus, is seven years old, but as far as I can tell, the reason that company may have $70M behind Kannaway is because of Mr. Titus’ relationship with the formation of CannaVest in 2012.

    He received 628K shares of CANV stock, which at the time that the Kannaway Buzz Launch began, was worth more than $70M. Between mid-January and mid-March, Titus sold about 63K shares of his stock and made about $7M. He’s still holding about 570K shares, and today, CANV closed at about $39, making his remaining shares worth about $22M, a far cry from $70.

    CANV announced its Q4 results today after the market closed, and they showed a pretty good loss, so I expect the price to fall, especially since CANV will be offering 10M restricted shares for $1.50/share.

    So the products and companies behind them are really quite young, and the $70M that is being bandied about is likely the mid-March value of Mr. Titus’ stock.

    • Hi Rolling_O,
      You sure seem to have a lot of knowledge and we appreciate you sharing it with us.
      Are you a Kannaway affiliate.

      Thank you for commenting.
      Charles & Susan

  21. Hi Charles & Susan,

    No, I’m not involved with KannaWay.

    I have been following MJNA and CannaVest for the past couple of years, first as an MJNA shareholder until Feb, 2013 (when I became skeptical of MJNA’s reporting and sold my shares) and then as an analyst of their business.

    There is a really interesting article in Forbes about the connections between the players at CannaVest, MJNA, and HEMP, and it’s worth a read (KannaWay isn’t mentioned by name, but it’s the mlm to which the author refers):

    Here is an article discussing the Kannaway compensation plan, from a blog called “BehindMLM”:



  22. Kannaway doesnt pay anything to anyone, they scam you out of buying products online.
    What happens is you end up promoting vape cigarettes and hemp salve, bring on a huge downline from all the FALSE HYPE and PROMISES and then they force you to buy their products with no sales opportunity whatsover.

    Then they have the audacity to tell you in writing and on their stupid video’s if you dont buy the product, you lose your downline.

    • Hi Brody,
      Sorry to hear about you negative experience with Kannaway.
      Are you saying they don’t have a free affiliate program to
      promote their products?
      If not are you still a member?

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      Charles & Susan

  23. Kannaway knows what their doing. They’re a LLC. (Infographic showing pros/cons of LLC:

    So technically they have passionate “members” purchasing a marketing suite/back office for 15$ (I’ve purchase a pizza the other day for more) and sharing their story with the products they buy. Not only are the products awesome but I’ve seen people claim that they’re more expensive.. I bought the HempVap PACKAGE for 75 (plus $10 shipping) I have yet to receive it since I bought it on 4/6/14 but have tried & loved the product through a friend. While other distributors give you just the HempVap for less then you have to buy the Atomizers separately (that’s where those companies get you). Kannaway even has the tracking number so I can see and track my products and invoices through FedEx’s website.

    They do all the marketing for you which comes with the $15. (Sales funnels are off the hook.) Hell you can buy domains for cheap and make it more professional. If you even go directly to it tells you the products are sold through Kannaway.

    Only negative experience I’ve received from Kannaway wasn’t from Kannaway…. It’s from doing my personal due diligence and seeing other people spread lies or bash on the company without research or facts. Usually those who are received a previous negative MLM experience or hate MLM in general and simply bash companies because they enjoy giving their personal failure(whatever it may be) to someone else.

    All I can say is Kannaway is growing with or without any of us. And so are the two industries their involved with: network marketing and CBD. (Do YOUR research and watch out for opinions vs facts)


  24. The TRUTH about Kannaway from someone who built a good downline:
    after building a team with Kannaway, bothering ALL of my family and friends I can honestly say that it has been a severe let down! the salve works well but you can find MUCH less expensive salve, as well as all of their products elsewhere… their comp plan is garbage and now most of their top leaders have even left the company. my assessment, STAY AWAY!! – Kannaway probably won’t make it and will most like ly close within a year. they raised the minimum re-order to about $150 for even the newest member to try and turn around and pay them through the shady comp plan. (buy more, so we can pay you? LOL what a joke!!) Top leaders leaving with a 5,000+ downline? sound shady to you? thats because IT IS!! According to a very reliable source they now buy their oil from China, which is much dirtier then Euro-oil. hempmedspx (their manufacturer) could not deny it!

  25. Hi Susan and Charles,
    There is a breakaway at Executive Director Level based on what I read, and if you sell the products online you get less points than if you sold directly face to face with the person. You also have a time window of 30 and if certain criteria is met then they will extend it to 45 days and possibly to 60 days to get yourself and your recruits to where you need to be. You also have a minimum amount to purchase each month for you and the people you recruit. I have never seen a breakaway come to quickly in a down-line and you basic have to have at least 3 legs across going almost all at once, so if you had family join and someone wanted to be under someone in particular it might not be possible depending on where you need to plug them in at. To Me it Looks Like A Quick Make it or Break it kind of thing in 90 days or less, and if not you lose your chance and not to include the money you have invested in the company. I’m sorry but I have been in enough MLM companies to know better, rarely do they last. I know of two and they both revamped their program which means a loss for everybody. If you are in it I wish you all the best, but I can think of much better ways to spend my time and money. Take Care and Best Wishes To You Both.

  26. Interested and skeptical // October 21, 2016 at 10:09 pm // Reply

    There is 1 person who responded in 2016.
    Rest were from 2014. I saw that people asked others what are they using the products for and does it actually work. No one gave an answer. How is anyone going to sell anything if people that are using and selling it can not say what they are using it for and how it has actually worked for them.

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