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Are You an Affiliate or a Super Affiliate?

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor – Pending Changes to the Can Spam Act.
3. Earning Dollar$ – Our recommended product of the week!
4. Feature Article – Are You an Affiliate or a Super Affiliate?
5. Bonus Goodies – FREE Leads

1. Quote of the Week

“Growth means change and change involves risks, stepping
from the known to the unknown.”
– George Shinn

2. From the Editor – Pending Changes to the Can Sp*m Act.

Hello ,

We have a great issue for you this week but first we need
your help! Over the last week, we have received several
e-mails from some of the top internet marketers such as
Marlon Sanders, Willie Crawford and Paul Myers urging us to
have a look at the FTC’s pending changes to the Can Spam
Law. We spent some time reading about it and what we found
was quite disturbing! The pending changes will have a
profound effect on anyone who utilizes e-mail marketing in
their business.

We all hate spam but what the U.S. Government is doing to
protect people’s inboxes is also going to prevent a lot of
legitimate people to run their business using email.

Remember, if you use e-mail marketing in your business,
this IS your business!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

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4. Feature Article – Are You an Affiliate or a Super Affiliate?

Are You an Affiliate or a Super Affiliate?
By Teresa King

If you are like most future entrepreneurs, you have signed
up for so many affiliate programs with visions of making
big dollars, that you can’t remember what affiliate program
you are involved in.

A regular affiliate, signs up for an affiliate program puts
a banner on their site or a text ad with BIG letters,
hoping someone will click over and purchase.

A regular affiliate doesn’t even know what he/she is
selling. They don’t want to spend the money to find out, or
they don’t have the money to find out.

A regular affiliate, does not make many commissions, then
wonders why not. He doesn’t see any money coming in so
leaps to a new affiliate program that looks more promising,
more exciting and off he goes, once again, setting up
another link, hoping for the miracle around the next

NOW, let’s compare:

A super affiliate does not sign up for every Hot looking
site that hits the net. A super affiliate plans why they
want to affiliate with a site.

A super affiliate decides methodically about what their
site theme is, what their target market is, and sticks to
that principle. When a super affiliate finds a program, he
does one or two things. Purchases and checks it out, or
finds a very trusted friend who has purchased the product
and gives it very high testimonials.

(sometimes when you first begin to be a super affiliate,
you have not gotten a reputation yet, and you don’t have
the purchasing power that you need to get going. However,
you will!)

Once you gain a reputation, you’ll never have to pay to
review another product again. In fact, you will have people
sending you products to review.

A super affiliate sets up a website with content to match
the affiliate programs they promote and gets them into the
search engines.

A super affiliate may even go as far as setting up an
affiliate content page, and before sending their
prospective client to the affiliate page, they will do
everything in their power to capture the email of the

A super affiliate might even go as far as creating a
presales page, where they promise that when a person
purchases through their link and sends them the receipt
they will add a Monster Bonus.

A super affiliate might even go to the trouble to write
some hot bonus reports that only can be gotten from them,
when they purchase a product. These would be not for sale
bonus products. Or they could be a selection of products
that would match the product they are recommending.

A Super Affiliate realizes the value of being a salesperson
and not having to take care of customers and can give
themselves more freedom to be more competitive in their
sales tactics.

What kind of an affiliate are you?

Teresa King…(c) 2004

Teresa King is a net-marketer who makes her living at home doing what she enjoys doing.

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