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A BIG Secret Of Successful People

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1.) Quote of the Week
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3.) From the Editor – Important Announcement
4.) Success Tip of the Week – I made $50,000 last month! Yea right.
5.) Charles & Susan Recommend – Double Leads Sale
6.) Feature Article – A BIG Secret Of Successful People
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1.) Quote of the Week


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the
past or present are certain to miss the future.”

– John F Kennedy

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3.) From the Editor – Important Announcement!



Greetings everyone! We hope this issue finds you happy and
healthy. It has been a busy few weeks on this end 🙂

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Until next time, may your business continue to grow and

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett, Editors


4.) Success Tip of the Week


I made $50,000 last month! Yea right.

Here’s another tip about credibility.

Or maybe we should say how to destroy your credibility. If
you are going to make claims of great earnings on your web
site or sales letter, be prepared to prove it with actual
images of your check, bank statements, or sales report.
There are far too many people making totally bogus claims
about their earnings. Unless you are prepared to prove it,
avoid exaggerated claims such as these. It doesn’t do you
any good at all!


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6.) Feature Article – A BIG Secret Of Successful People

A BIG Secret Of Successful People
By: Mike Litman

Hey Fellow Success Student!

It’s Friday at 4:47pm EST as I’m writing this and I want to
share with you a ‘secret’ of mine that has helped me live
my dreams at 30 years old.

This ‘secret of success’ is one I’ve learned throughout the
years from mentors of mine.

A few of these people run businesses that do over 150
million dollars a year in revenue.

Here’s the deal.

Most people (and I used to be like this) for 7 plus years
are very passive.

They’re always passive at their jobs.

They go for their dreams very ‘safely’.

They “La De Da” through life.

They ‘hope’ something good happens.

>From my experience, this is not the right attitude for
success. ‘No way, Jose’.

Let me share with you an ACTION of success.

Let me share with you a PERSPECTIVE of success that I’ve
seen through people who are living their dreams, both
personally and financially.

**Successful people. ACT from a sense of URGENCY.

Let me say that again.

**Successful people ACT from a sense of URGENCY.

There’s an URGENCY to accomplish tasks.

There’s an URGENCY to live their dreams.

There’s an URGENCY to get things done.


Big difference.

Huge difference.

You have to go to dreams with a SENSE OF URGENCY.

None of us are going to live ’till 150 years old.

You have to ignite that part of you that can CATAPULT you
to GREATER productivity and ACTION.

Ask yourself:

If I was going to act from a sense of URGENCY, what 2
actions would I take today?

Write them down and then DO IT.

Come on, YOU can do more than you EXPECT of yourself.

You can do it.

YES, you can!

Are you ready or really ready to make your next 7 days

I thought so, let’s go!

Have a GREAT day and never give up on your dreams! (It took
me 7 years to find my focus, it’s not over until you quit).

Talk to you soon.
Mike Litman

Mike Litman, #1 best-selling author of ‘Conversations with
Millionaires’ and one of the world’s top success coaches,
can help you unleash your greatness and become financially
free. Join thousands of others who have used his proven
methods to quickly and easily transform their lives and

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