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5 Things You Need To Eliminate in Order to Become Successful

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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1.) Quote of the Month


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone
planted a tree a long time ago.”

– Warren Buffett


2.) From the Editor



Greetings everyone. We hope your week is going well. It is
so hard to believe that it is October already, where DOES
the time go? Fall is in the air here in the beautiful Smoky
Mountains of East Tennessee. Although the leaves haven’t
started changing yet, they will be in just a couple of
weeks. We can’t wait as Fall is one of our favorite times
of the year.

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3.) Success Tip of the Month


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6.) Feature Article

5 Things You Need To Eliminate in
Order to Become Successful

By: Jowett Isaiah Go 2014

A lot of people who failed thought that they failed because
they lacked the necessary skills, needed knowledge, or the
required talent. Well, it is not. The truth? It does not
require you to become the brightest, or the most talented
to be successful. The only reason why some fail is because
they have some destructive habits.

The following are the habits that you should eliminate in
your life.

Trying to live up to others’ expectations

Are you bothered with the expectations from your family?
Your friends? Or your boss? Well, don’t be. They are not
the one who’s walking in your shoes. They are not the one
who will suffer nor benefit from the choices you will make
for the future. So, why is that their opinions hold so much
weight on you?

Go and set your expectations. This will force all the
people around you to see you as an individual person and
this will allow you to define success according to your own
definition and terms.

Getting obsessed with things that don’t matter

What is more important – to impress other people with fake
successes or to have true happiness and pursue your dreams?

Don’t get distracted. Oftentimes, we try to get obsessed of
the things that really do not matter. Why would you try and
be a hot shot for everyone else? That doesn’t matter.
Pursuing and making your dreams is what matters. Do not
think of the things others might think of you. At the end
of the day, it is you, and only you who have to live with

Bragging about your big, marvelous, and wonderful dreams

Walk the talk. Don’t brag your big dreams with other people
unless you have already attained it. Nobody cares if you
want to be a big star on television, unless you are already
being seen on TV. The more time you spend talking and
bragging about these big dreams of yours, the less time
you’ll be spending in making this dreams come true.

Dwelling on your past failures

Past is past. You can never go back. You can either just
learn from it or dwell on it. I say you go with the former.
You can do nothing of your past mistakes and failures.
Don’t get affected by it. Instead, learn from your
mistakes. Why did you fail? What are the decisions you’ve
made that made that failure? How can you learn from this
failure? Look back, reflect and learn from it and move
forward. That’s it.

Don’t Be That Loser

In connection to not dwelling in the past, don’t be the
loser who got afraid to try again because of their
failures. Always go for another try… and if you fail
again; learn and try again. Try and try again until you
succeed. A cliché, yes; but a very powerful one. So instead
of locking yourself in your apartment, drink alcohol and
stuffs, learn and try one more time. There’s always
greatness coming for you. Don’t be the wiener, be the
successful winner.

Now this pretty much sums up all those destructive habits.
Want to be successful or be more successful? Drop these
habits now.

About the Author:

Jowett Isaiah Go is a web savvy individual specializing in
web development, seo and design. In his free time, Jowett
writes articles. He is fond of writing in the internet
marketing niche, web development and design niche, search
engine optimization, health, and DIY topics.


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