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10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase Your Traffic

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Partners In Success Ezine – Issue 27

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1. Quote of the Week
2. From the Editor
3. Success Tip of the Week
4. Feature Article – 10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will Increase
Your Traffic
5. Charles & Susan Recommend!
6. Ask Susan!
7. Bonus Goodies

1. Quote of the Week

“The difference between a successful person and others is
not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather
in a lack of will.”

– Vincent T. Lombardi

2. From the Editor


Greetings! We’re going to jump right in and begin by
telling you about the exciting things that have been added
to the Partners in Success site this week! Have you been
thinking about starting your own Ezine or Newsletter? If
so, our step by step guide will walk you through the entire
process and get you up and up and running in no time. We’ve
also added a Partner Link Directory and we’re sure you’ll
want to check it out. You may access both of these new
items from our home page.

Have a great week and may your business continue to grow
and prosper!

Partners in Success,
Charles & Susan Truett

3. Success Tip of the Week.

Spice up your website with Talking Pop-ups!

Pop-ups are annoying, but they are extremely effective.
Spice up your website by adding a new and refreshing
alternative to traditional pop-ups. Talking popups! It’s
cute, it’s cool, it’s fresh, it’s fun. Your visitors will
LOVE it.

4. Feature Article – 10 Sure-Fire Phrases That Will
Increase Your Traffic

By: Charles & Susan Truett

Below are 10 Phrases that you can add to your website and
implement easily. Commit to implementing one idea a week
and watch your traffic increase.

1. “Bookmark This Web Site Now”

Tell your visitors to bookmark your web site. They may see
your web site listed in their bookmarks and visit again.
You should also give then a good reason to bookmark your
site. For example tell them you add new content everyday.

2 “Subscribe To Our Free E-zine”

Tell your visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. When they
subscribe you’ll capture their e-mail address. Every time
they read your e-zine, it will remind them to return to
your site.

3.” Participate On Our Discussion Board”

Ask your visitors to participate on your online discussion
board. By participating they will meet other people. By
meeting other people, they will revisit your web site on a
regular basis to stay in contact with them.

4. “Sign Our Guestbook”

Ask your visitors to sign your guest book. When people sign
your guestbook you may get valuable feedback or
constructive criticism on how to improve your web site.

This may help you increase traffic to your web site.

5. “Use Our Free Content On Your Site Or In Your E-zine”

Allow your visitors to use your articles on their own web
site or in their e-zine. Just ask them to include your
resource box. This will spread your advertising all over
the internet.

6. “Refer This Our Web Site To A Friend”

Ask your visitors to refer your web site to a friend(s).
They may know someone that would benefit from visiting your
web site.

7. “Fill Out Our Online Survey”

Ask visitors to fill out your online survey or
questionnaire. You could use it to get valuable feedback on
ways to improve your web site to increase traffic.

8. “Enter Our Contests”

Ask your visitors to enter your online contest or
sweepstakes. People love to win stuff, and they will visit
your web site to try.

9. “Give Away Our Freebie To Your Visitors”

Allow your visitors to give away your online freebies to
people that visit your web site. Include your ad on the
freebie and those freebies will multiply your traffic.

10 “Join Our Affiliate Program”

Allow your visitors to make money selling your products or
services. This will increase your traffic because they will
link to your web site.

5. Charles & Susan Recommend!
This is a Special Offer for our Subscribers…

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6. Ask Susan! –

This week’s Question was submitted by: Carol Coburn

Q. I am basically new to marketing, I DO NOT have an opt-in
List so who do I market to? Everyone says, mail out ezines
to people to get started, if I don’t have any names who am
I e-mailing to? Please no one has answered this for me
before, I have gone thru FREE Ads and Got No Where with
that, all I got was others marketing their stuff to me.
thank you Susan, Carol

A. We highly recommend to anyone trying to build an
internet business that they start their own ezine or
newsletter. It’s essentially the only way to build your own
responsive, opt-in list of customers. There are a number of
ways you can get started. First, decide on a topic for your
ezine. If your business is internet marketing, then you may
choose to publish a marketing tips newsletter. Your next
step is to build a base list of subscribers. Most ezine
publishers start small and build their list over time. One
way to get started is to email all of your friends, online
contacts, people you’ve been in programs with, anyone you
can think of. Explain to them that you are starting an
online ezine and you’d like to invite them to subscribe.
This should give you a base to get started with.

Below is an excellent book by Shelley Lowery which guides
you step by step through starting your own ezine. We highly
recommend it, it’s what we used to set up The Partners in
Success Ezine.

Do you have any questions about home business
opportunities, marketing methods, or anything about
business in general? We will pick one question per week and
add it right here in this newsletter for everyone to
benefit from!

To Submit your Question to Susan, visit:


7. Bonus Goodies!


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