Trending Now Review-Is This Program a Scam?

Hello all,

Today we take a look and review the Paysforever instant pay internet business.

To start with we will to tell you upfront we own Paysforever but we are trying to inform you not sell you on the program. It does that pretty well on it’s own.

We started Paysforever in 2003 because we saw a need for a entry level program that has very little risk but could provide an ongoing income with a little effort.

Paysforever uses a one up instant payplan which at the time was the only one that we are aware of.

Some of the features include:

1. One up payplan that pays you instantly. No one Scams you out of your money.

2. Low one time purchase with no monthly fees.

3. Impressive product package that features an ebook package and software package you can use as well as package and re-sale.

4. Lead capture page.

5. Pre written auto responder messages.

6. Free autoresponder included as well.

7. Your very own replicated website ready to take orders.

1,000 Leads Daily - 3 Day Risk Free Trial

Business Opportunity Leads!

8. Banner ads are available.

9. Pre written promotional ads for you to use.

10. $500 worth of FREE advertising.

Maybe the most important thing you receive is help and support when you need it.

Just let us know, It is that simple.

Paysforever now has over 7000 members and has stood the test of time.

If you already have been contacted about Paysforever get back to that person and get more info.

If not you can check it out here:

Click here for more info:

Until next time,

Charles & Susan

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14 Comments on Review-Is This Program a Scam?

  1. Looks Like a great program , just having a little trouble setting up my capture page

  2. What problem are you having?

    Let us know and we will help you.

    Charles & Susan

  3. Christopher // July 23, 2009 at 5:44 pm //

    Charles and Susan,

    Thank you for the informative blog. I’m looking to start a home based business but I’m working with limited funds. Would this program be a good starting point and build up to other bigger ticket programs?


  4. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for stopping by.
    Paysforever is an excellent program when you are just starting
    out and working with limited funds.

    It is a good stepping stone to other programs in the future.

    It is a one time purchase with little risk.

    Let us know what else you need.

    Charles & Susan

  5. Hi , I don’t know much in computer , is it possible to run into this home business ? Thanks

  6. Hi Lyle,
    You can learn as you go, as you have to start somewhere.
    We are also available to help you in any way possible.

    Please let us know if you have more questions.
    Charles & Susan

  7. I was wondering if you can update my webpage. I have the old one that I received when I first joined several years ago.

  8. Hi Calvin,

    We sure can.
    I will have Susan take care of this for you.
    Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan

  9. Georgette // October 1, 2014 at 4:26 pm //

    I would like to update my page can u help me with this?

    A member of pays forever from the start . Off and on promotions if I lost my log in info how do I retrieve it?

  10. Hi Georgette,
    We sure can.
    I have forwarded your question over to Susan and she will
    contact you and take care of it for you.
    Thank for being a long time member and let us know if there
    is anything else you need.
    Best regards,
    Charles & Susan
    P.S. All new members receive the updated page.

  11. I was wondering if you can update my webpage. I have the old one that I received when I first joined many years ago.

  12. Hi Curt,

    We sure can.
    I will forward Susan this info and she will update your page and let you know when it is done.
    More than likely today.

    Thank you.
    Charles & Susan

  13. Hello!

    I am looking to make money online.

    Can I really make money the next day as it’s advertised? And can I actually make $500 a day with no prior experience in online businesses and such…?

    Thank you,


  14. Hi Chris,
    While we can not make any income guarantees it is very doable if you just follow instructions and refuse to be denied.

    You got to want it.

    Let us know if we can be of assistance.
    Charles & Susan

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