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So, you're looking to learn the Secrets of the Super Bloggers, eh? Can't say as I blame you - so far I've gotten new sites indexed overnight, built traffic to all of our dozen+ web sites, raised our link popularity and increased our sales, earnings and affiliate program signups - all through the intelligent use of RSS, Blogs & Pings...

Yet I probably know less about Blogs and Blogging than any of the other authors in the Secrets of the Super Bloggers compilation. You see, I saw all these benefits in less than a month after starting the Marketing Domination Blog... That's how amazing, how incredibly effective these secrets are! But you better hurry...

Remember when all search engines were FREE, and simply submitting your web sites got you listed QUICKLY? Gone. Then it wa FFA pages - they brought in a TON of free traffic, built links to your site, and added to your mailing list like crazy. Tried one lately? Safelists were an online goldmine - for a while... ***SIGH***

Every new technology does what you need - at first. Then slowly more and more learn the secrets, and by the time the herd has caught on it's too late. Technologies have changed, everything has slowed way down, or the search engines have decided that it's becomne another form of 'spamming the search engines' and stop weighing it so heavily. Sometimes they even ban the technology from their databases - remember doorway pages and multiple sites?

So where is Blogging along this curve today? The early adopters have been doing it for the last couple of years, and the leading Internet Marketers started coming into it over the last year - many are still just getting started with it. So you're at the perfect time - most of the expensive development time is done, the bulk of the bugs are out of the whole RSS & ATOM feed systems, and engines like Yahoo! and MSN are embracing the technology and waiting to greet YOUR blog with open arms!

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Insider Blogging Secrets!

How To Blog Your Way To Success!:
Published By GoldLiger Marketing Inc.

• Creating Your Blog
• Naming Your Blog
• Publishing Your Blog
• Identifying Your Target Market
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RSS Advertising Secrets!

Your Complete How-To Guide to Advertising
using RSS Feeds!

• Reader vs. Publisher
• Getting More Exposure
• Strategies For Advertisers
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Blog About This
by Tinu Abayomi-Paul.

75 Business Blog Topics!

In her own inimitable style, Tinu gives you 75 ways to beat writer's block (blogger's block?)

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Blogging Made Easy!

A Quick-Start Guide to Profitable Weblogging
Written By Bob Bastian

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• Blogs & Journalism
• 2 Blog Case Studies
• Blog Reviews
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RSS Publishing Made Easy!

Discover the Rewards of Publishing in RSS!

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Simple Guide To Setting Up
Your Own Blog!

Basic Start-Up Guide to Blogging
Written by Tracy Yates of E-Book Emporium.
• Creating Your Blog
• Making Changes to your Blog
• Posting to your Blog
• Changing Your Template
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Blog Basics for Marketers
by Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian.

What to Blog, When to Blog, How to Blog!

Blogging is HOT. As a savvy web marketer aspiring to be ‘ahead of the curve’, what do YOU need to know about blogs and blogging? A lot.

23 pages, PDF format.

Marketing with Blogs & RSS
by Brandon Hong.

Learn How to Use Blogs and RSS and Boost Your Online Business, Rankings, Traffic and Sales.

Learn how to reach wider, targeted audiences, get higher search engine rankings and communicate effectively with prospects!

23 pages, PDF format.

The Bloggers Edge
by Paul Short.

How to use Weblogs as Marketing Tools!

A short, concise guide by Paul Short, a major player in the up and coming blog publishing industry and owner of

12 pages, PDF format.

EZ RSS and Blogging
by Jonni Good.

Easy Blogging and RSS Tutorial for the average Webmaster! "Intended for the independant webmaster who wants to use a blog or the syndication technology called RSS to keep her
web pages fresh & up to date."

46 pages, PDF format.

RSS Content Delivery Power
by Rok Hrastnik.

This Marketers' Introduction to RSS explains and compares the e-mail and RSS content delivery systems. Well illustrated for instant comprehension.

20 pages, PDF format.

Forum SuperTips
by Harvey Segal.

How to post at Forums for Profit. Not about blogging, but appropriate - forums are one of the best places to tell the world about your blog - if you do it right. Learn how here!

35 pages, PDF format.

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P.S. - Like most new technologies, you must act fast to get the maximum benefit from Blogging. At the time of this writing, it's a real ray of sunshine to
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