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February 12, 2014
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Is Paid Internet Advertising Still Effective?

By Karyn Ogier Copyright © 2014

With so much focus on content marketing, social networking
and blog posts, it almost seems that Pay Per Click
advertising has been forgotten about in the world of SEO. A
lot of websites have stopped asking about SEM, believing
that they can find everything they could get from a strong
AdWords campaign for free with the right blog post or
Facebook update. So what's the story? Does paid online
advertising still work?

Why PPC Will Always Work

PPC will always be a viable option for a number of reasons.
Not only is it a huge source of revenue for search engines
like Google and Yahoo, but it's also incredibly effective.
That's right, SEM and Pay Per Click advertising is one of
the most effective ways to drive traffic and conversions

The first reason PPC will always work is because it gives
your business instant first-page exposure during searches.
It's the fastest and only guaranteed way to get your
business into the number one position on Google, Yahoo and
Bing and there is nothing unethical about it.

It's cost effective too. You only pay for the clicks that
come through to your website, meaning that you won't be
throwing money away no matter what. Unlike traditional
advertising, it's pretty hard to lose with Pay Per Click -
if clients don't come then you don't get stuck with the
bill, it's that easy.

Your ads are targeted, tracked and tested to find the most
effective way to run them. You have the ability to do
keyword research extensively, with plenty of data to back
you up, to find the best way to advertise using PPC. Any
campaign that you run can be instantly edited and changed to
push your product in a different way and you don't need to
run through a marketing director to do so either.

The reach on PPC advertising is incredible too. You aren't
just going to find your ads placed on the search results of
Google, but on Google Ads publisher sites too. The network
of websites that runs sponsored advertisements from Google
is absolutely mind blowing, and you have access to all of it
using AdWords.

To put it simply, the way PPC works you are only ever going
to be paying for what you get. Google's AdWords system is
one of the most impressive online marketing tools available
and, no matter what they do with their search algorithm and
no matter what SEO grows into next, SEM is always going to
be an effective way of driving traffic and pushing your
brand and image out there online.

About the Author:

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you with your next pay-per-click campaign. Contact the team
in New Plymouth today.


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