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Internet Marketing Joint Venture KILLERS
Copyright 2019 by Willie Crawford

Almost every single day, I get asked to participate in
Internet marketing joint ventures. So do many of my closest
friends that I regularly discuss Internet marketing with.
We see a lot of the same mistakes... mistakes that severely
lessen the chance of a JV being accepted... being repeated
over and over again.

Review these mistakes, and ask yourself if these things
hamper YOUR efforts to land lucrative JVs:

1) The initial JV proposals are far too lengthy. When
emailing someone who has to sift through hundreds of emails
per day, don't make your email too long. If it looks like
"your life's story it's very likely to be set aside to be
read later (later usually never arrives), or it's simply
deleted because it would take too much time to read.

If it's an email proposal, make it incredibly easy to
identify as a JV proposal, get right to the main points,
and make your offer. Ask them to email or call you for more
specifics. As with any communication, your first challenge
is just getting your prospective partner's attention. If
you don't do that, nothing else matters.

2) Participating in the JV is too much work. Make it as
easy as possible for your prospects to participate. You
should have already done 90% of the work involved in them
presenting your offer to their list. If you don't, your
offer will be bypassed for something easier to implement.
Offer an email that they could simply copy, paste, and send
to start things rolling. Yes, your partners should
personalize messages to their audience, but you need to be
prepared for them not having the time for that.

3) Overlooking smaller publishers with very loyal and
responsive lists. Often the publisher with only 1000
subscribers who actually read his ezine will produce better
results than the publisher with 100,000 subscribers who
rarely read his ezine issues. Since these smaller
publishers are approached less often, you also have a
greater chance of having your proposal accepted.

4) Not having tested your web copy and conversion rates.
Don't expect potential partners to be "guinea pigs."
Instead, spend a few dollars driving some Google AdWords
traffic to your site so that you actually have a measured
conversion rate to share with your partners.

If your initial testing doesn't convert at the rate that
you had hoped for, revise the page and keep testing. You
may land a JV with a "big fish" - ONCE. However, if their
results are dismal, they'll be very hesitant to do JV's
with you again.

5) Shoddy site that appears to have very little
credibility. Your potential JV partners are usually
interested in the bottom line, and customer satisfaction.
If they're fairly experienced, they can often look at a
site and gauge how successful it will be with their

One of the factors that reduces credibility (in my opinion)
is testimonials by the author of a product or those
interviewed in the product. Those people have "ownership"
in the product, so they're expected to say things to help
sales. Make most of your testimonials from people other
than those featured in the product. If you don't have any
yet, give away a few copies to get some. Also, you could
quote experts on the topic who've said thing to validate
points made in your copy.

6. The ever expanding JV. Don't ask someone to be part of a
JV by being interviewed, then ask them to help write the
web copy, then ask them to write your ads, then ask them to
do several solo mailings to their lists, then ask them to
provide a review of your 500 page ebook, then ask them to
do a line-by-line critique of your web copy, then ask them
to locate other JV partners for you.

The above example is a little exaggerated, but I've been
asked to participate in several JV's that were very close
to that description. What I witnessed with those JV's is
that many who initially said yes, later dropped out because
they had their own businesses to run.

7) Product priced too low to offer a respectable return on
investment. No matter how good an ezine is, or how good a
publisher's relationship is with his audience, they only
want to hear from him so times per week. This means that
that publisher generally can't send special mailings
notifying his list of every good deal he discovers. If I
did that, I'd be sending my list 2-3 emails per day.... and
they'd all unsubscribe in a few weeks.

Only seek JV partners for products substantial enough to
offer a good return for the resources your partner is asked
to invest. Sending a mailing to one's list IS using up a
precious resource. Most publishers do view it that way, so
you need to appreciate that point.

8) Don't ask a potential JV partner to help promote a
product after he's only recently promoted a competing
product. If a publisher says one product is "the greatest
thing since sliced bread" one week, he can't credibly say
the same thing about a competing product a week later.

We've just gone over eight things that you need to consider
when putting together an Internet marketing joint venture
proposal. There are dozens of other things that you need to
consider. Notice that all of the things mentioned above
have a common theme though. They suggest that you need to
view your package from the perspective of your potential
partners. Do that and you won't do things that are likely
to kill the JV before it even gets off the ground. Do that
and you'll be able to tap into one of the most powerful
tools available for growing your on-line business... joint
venturing with those who already have the attention of your
target market!

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, master network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He
shows people how to actually generate substantial income
on-line using very simple, easily modeled systems. An
example of such a system that you can study and duplicate
is at:


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