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Follow-up With Freebies!
By: Charles & Susan Truett

It's important to follow-up with potential online customers. Following up with them can increase your traffic and sales.

The more times people see your ad, the greater chance they will buy your product or service.

Before you can follow-up with them you need their e-mail address. You can get their e-mail address by having them subscribe to your e-zine, fill out a web site form, or have them send an e-mail your follow-up autoresponder.

Most people won't give you their e-mail address unless they get something in return. The most effective way is to offer them an internet freebie. Here are some ideas.

Free E-Gifts

It could be free software, guest books, web space, graphics, message boards, etc.

Free Internet Services

It could be free e-consulting, search engine submissions, web design, etc.

Free E-Information

It could be a free e-book, e-report, web book, e-course, e-zine, etc.


When you follow-up with the freebie, you can include your ad somewhere on the freebie. If it's a free service, have your ad in the follow-up e-mail. Make sure you always get their permission before you follow-up with them by e-mail.

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